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Business Coaching and Speaking Events with Clay Nelson Life Balance™

If you are ready to discover what is preventing you or your business from fulfilling goals and moving beyond the status quo to new, undreamed-of heights then Clay Nelson Life Balance™ is the solution to move you through. Thousands of business owners across the country agree that, with the business and life coaching and motivational speaker services of Clay Nelson, they have found results in areas such as:

  • improved client/customer/family relationships
  • better health and greater happiness
  • increased profitability
  • management restructuring
  • successful exit strategies
  • career advancement
  • increased fun and personal satisfaction

Clay founded Clay Nelson Life Balance™ to teach business owners and their teams how to set goals, target what impedes their achievement and implement plans that attain extraordinary results. Understanding your desire to be more than just comfortable in this life, Clay Nelson Life Balance™ delivers innovative programs to assist in taking you and/or your business beyond where your current imagination takes you. Clay uses his innate intuition to help people realize who they are and what’s stopping them from the success they wish for.

New Motivational Book by Clay Nelson - Moving You Forward: One Thought at a Time

Mission Statement

Clay Nelson Life Balance™ and all divisions of Consulting Services Network LLC are committed to putting fun, family and financial freedom into everyone's business and personal lives.

Our programs are designed to alter the cultures of companies and families, making a powerful and lasting difference with each person we meet, every group we speak with, and with every client we serve. We are unstoppable.  

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